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Shitbags of the Week: 3/15

“Trump staffers ‘shamelessly’ attempted to get COVID-19 vaccines amid the initial rollout… Ex-officials said the effort was like first-class passengers on the Titanic rushing to the lifeboats.”

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Shitbags of the Week: 11/9

Trump’s intransigence and unsurprising defiance of democracy threaten to add a constitutional crisis and a disrupted transition of power to the country’s problems as the Covid-19 crisis deepens and the economy languishes.”

Trump’s overwhelming concern for his own priorities, not surprising for anyone who watched his presidency, is still remarkable given the rapid worsening of the pandemic.”

Shitbags of the Week: 10/26

Shitbags of the Week: 10/19

Shitbags of the Week: 10/12

The president’s aides appeared to be giving wealthy party donors an early warning of a potentially impactful contagion at a time when Mr. Trump was publicly insisting that the threat was nonexistent.”

Congress was close to a solution before getting hit with millions of dollars of ads from private-equity firms. Then the pandemic struck.”

“Last year, Congress abandoned its attempt to prevent surprise bills like this one, and coronavirus patients are now paying the price. Bills submitted to The New York Times show that patients often face surprise charges from out-of-network doctors, ambulances and medical laboratories they did not pick or even realize were involved in their care.”

Shitbags of the Week: 10/5

Shitbags of the Week: 9/28

“…the White House and the president’s reelection campaign appear to have become superspreading operations, with the case count climbing seemingly by the hour.”

A company called Civvl says evicting people is the ‘FASTEST GROWING MONEY MAKING GIG DUE TO COVID-19.'”

Shitbags of the Week: 9/21

“The Trump administration has done little to limit the defense firms from accessing multiple bailout funds at once and is not requiring the companies to refrain from layoffs as a condition of receiving the awards.”


Shitbags of the Week: 9/14

“A payroll company owned by Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, took between $150,000 and $350,000 in taxpayer-backed emergency small business loans this spring. It’s unclear what Giuliani did with the money.”



“According to the new lawsuit, the tenants allege that Kushner Companies representatives ‘have badgered tenants for rent payments, despite the COVID 19 epidemic raging at the time.’ It alleges that they used tactics that ‘were intended to, and did scare tenants of the Subject Buildings into paying rent that was legally not collectable, during the COVID 19 epidemic.'”

Shitbags of the Week: 9/7

SHITBAG OF THE DAY: Smithfield Foods

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced Thursday that it was fining the Smithfield Packaged Meats Corporation for $13,494 for ‘failing to protect employees from exposure to the coronavirus,’ a news release states. The fine is the maximum amount allowed by law.”

“At least 1,294 Smithfield employees contracted coronavirus, and four employees died from the virus”

“Seema Verma, a member of the coronavirus task force, spent more than $3.5 million taxpayer dollars on GOP-aligned consultants, a congressional report found.”



Shitbags of the Week: 8/31

“U.S. Secretary of Education and billionaire Betsy DeVos is pushing hard for public schools to reopen in person this fall, dismissing widespread parent and teacher concerns about coronavirus health risks. Yet, even in Sec. DeVos’s home state of Michigan, there’s only one full-time equivalent school nurse for an estimated 6,570 students.”

Shitbags of the Week: 8/24

“‘They never waste a crisis to push their agenda,’ said Remington Gregg, a lawyer with the consumer watchdog nonprofit Public Citizen”

Shitbags of the Week: 8/17

“The coronavirus relief package unveiled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his GOP conference last month would make it more difficult to hold businesses responsible for gross negligence”

“President Trump suggested he’s open to looking at a botanical extract being touted by a major donor, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, as a treatment for COVID-19, even though it comes from a poisonous plant and there have been no medical studies to show if it’s safe or effective in people.”

“Lindell, whom the president has called ‘a supporter from day one,’ joined the board of Phoenix Biotechnology last week — the company seeking to develop and market the product.”

Shitbags of the Week: 8/10

In tweets, he lamented without evidence rampant fraud with mail-in ballots and even suggested the November election be delayed over coronavirus concerns.”

Shitbags of the Week Continued…

Shitbags of the Week: 7/27

Shitbags of the Week: 7/20

“Their response to a desperately needed round of relief? ‘Hell no.’ ‘We’ve done enough.’

Shitbags of the Week: 7/13

“Congress should be trying to reduce the virus’s spread, not giving irresponsible employers a blank check to sacrifice the health of their workers and their workers’ families for short-term profits.”

“The secretive titan behind one of America’s largest poultry companies, who is also one of the President’s top donors, is ruthlessly leveraging the coronavirus crisis—and his vast fortune—to strip workers of protections.”

Shitbags of the Week: 7/6

“Forty lobbyists with ties to President Donald Trump helped clients secure more than $10 billion in federal coronavirus aid, among them five former administration officials whose work potentially violates Trump’s own ethics policy, according to a report.”

“All they care about is their products, their earnings, their money,” she said. “We aren’t anything to them.”

Shitbags of the Week: 6/29

Shitbags of the Week: 6/22

Shitbags of the Week: 6/15

“The gap between the world’s rich and poor is expected to grow due to the pandemic, and a stock market high on government and central bank cash bears much of the blame.”

“In many cases, charter school leaders have openly acknowledged that they did not apply for the funds because they were in dire financial straits. The board chairman of one Oakland, Calif., charter school network, Education for Change Public Schools, said its $5 million loan would be a ‘cheap form of cash-flow financing.’”

“One San Diego charter was awarded a $2.25 million loan in May, then laid off a third of its teachers.”

Shitbags of the Week: 6/1

“‘The Covid-19 pandemic gave cover for particularly sleazy politicians to pass anti-protest bills while their constituents are squeezed by unemployment and the responsibility to protect public health,’ he [Connor Gibson of Greenpeace] said. ‘These bills are meant to prevent protests just long enough for oil companies to finish dangerous and unpopular petrochemical projects.’”

Shitbags of the Week Continued…

“‘McDonald’s is treating us like dogs,’ a worker said. At least 4 workers and relatives had COVID-19.”

Shitbags of the Week: 5/18

“…at a time when current Republican policy is to let seniors die of Covid-19 by the tens of thousands without lifting a finger to help, it is beyond shameful that Mitt Romney’s focus is to rob those same older Americans of their earned Social Security and Medicare benefits.”

“We sat like fucking sitting ducks,” the doctor said. “Everything in health care is meant to benefit those who control the system…It is only about [corporations] and stockholders.”

  • Shitbag of the Day, 5/20: Donald Trump:

Shitbags of the Week: 5/11

“The entire country is hurting during this pandemic,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US, a progressive group that first identified the grant and donations. “But the President decided to award a campaign donor with $27 million in free government money.”

“Poor Elon Musk. COVID-19 has killed nearly 2,700 Californians so far, but he’s the one who’s *truly* suffering during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Shitbags of the Week: 5/4

“They are fulfilling Donald Trump’s darkest desires to twist the Covid-19 pandemic into a culture war, while also looking for ways to exploit the nation’s greatest public health crisis in a century to foment hoaxes and conspiracy theories and punish Trump’s enemies.”

  • Shitbag of the Day, 5/7: Senator Richard Burr (NC):

Shitbags of the Week: 4/20